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Ville Swiss was founded in 1985 by John Petro, Sr.  He began the company with a scrap spinner, two old Tornos swiss screw machines and four old Wickman swiss screw machines purchased with a loan from a company that was modernizing their equipment. He rebuilt the equipment and started running overflow work from them to repay the loan. He gradually expanded into running overflow work for other companies in the Naugatuck Valley and by 1988 had started to build his own Customer base with an absolute dedication to quality and integrity.

By 1998 Ville Swiss had replaced all the original equipment and were running twenty six Tornos swiss screw machines and two Escomatic coil fed machines, two shifts per day and with the help of twelve employees.

By 1998 the Company had achieved a modest amount of success. CNC controls were showing the promise of eventually replacing the cam operated control of the sliding headstock type of machining. The Company purchased its first Citizen L520 with a three year plan of learning the controls and purchasing a second machine.

It quickly became apparent that the reason CNCs were beginning to obsolete cam machinery was the machines ability to manufacture a component with extreme repeatability 24 hours per day. Although the machine was a little slower than a cam machine, the loss of cycle time was more than made up for  in the fact that it fed itself and was willing to operate around the clock. We no longer had to wait for an operator to feed a bar and the quality of the product was exponentially better than what the cam machines could provide. 

It also became apparent that the only limitation to what could be manufactured with this equipment was our own imaginations. Within nine months of the first purchase the Company bought its second Citizen L520 and seven months after that purchased Citizen’s latest version, the C16. By 2006 the Company had phased out all of its cam operated equipment other than the Escomatic coil fed machinery, and was running twelve CNCs twenty four/seven. Today we run seventeen CNCs 24/5 and are still growing.

For production of parts under ¼” diameter, the Escomatics still were able to beat production of the CNCs. 

Ville Swiss has expanded that department and now runs Escomatic D6Rs and Escomatic D2S. 

The Company has expanded into 16500 Square feet of space and is still growing. 

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