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These terms and conditions are subject to change. If you are a Supplier of items to Ville Swiss you may contact us for a written copy of the current revision of these requirements.


1.) All Suppliers to Ville Swiss must maintain a Quality Management System. New suppliers wishing to do business with Ville Swiss must fill out our Vendor Self Survey form in order to be considered as a potential supplier.


2.) Ville Swiss reserves the right to review control methods and inspect material included in any purchase order we issue and Suppliers will allow us access to their facilities, including representatives of Government or Regulatory Agencies, if required.


3.) Raw material Suppliers must supply original mill certifications with all shipments. If a billet is purchased from one mill and is drawn by another mill, certification must supply traceability through to the mill that manufactured the billet. Distributors may not supply their own version of certification. All raw material purchased by Ville Swiss must be:


If raw material does not meet these standards, vendor must attain written permission from Ville Swiss before shipment or the shipment is subject to rejection during our receiving process.


4.) Ville Swiss does not accept substitutes for items that it purchases without having approved the item beforehand.


5.) All shipments must reference our Purchase Order Number at a minimum, excluding above raw material requirements, which are more stringent. Shipments to Ville Swiss that do not have required paperwork shall be rejected at our receiving process.


6.) These requirements shall flow down to Supplier sub-tier contractors.


7.) Ville Swiss requires notification of manufacturing process changes to recurring products it may purchase. Process adjustments and document updates are considered normal to operations and do not require notification.  

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